2013 Ontario budget leads down the same path to more debt and fewer jobs


QUEEN’S PARK – The way out of the jobs and debt crisis created by the McGuinty-Wynne government isn’t hard to see, but there’s no sign of escape in the Ontario budget document tabled today.

That, according to Haldimand-Norfolk MPP Toby Barrett who says the 2013 budget is more evidence of the need for change and a new plan to lead us back on the right track for Ontario.

“Half a million of our friends, neighbours and relatives struggling to find work need a serious plan to grow our economy,” Barrett said. “The Wynne government is treating this like a game, fishing for NDP support. We choose to remain focused on solutions to Ontario’s enormous jobs and economic problems.”

The choice we face is between continuing down the same path that has us struggling to keep up, or to take a new path that leads toward a strong, confident and prosperous Ontario, according to Barrett.

“Every dollar paid in interest on the government’s $281 billion debt is money that won’t go to schools, hospitals or new investments in our transportation networks. But the government has only made the problem worse through its reckless overspending.”

By contrast, Tim Hudak has released a series of white papers highlighting a plan that includes ideas to fix our outdated labour laws to compete for jobs, lower taxes, control hydro rates, and for a government that lives within its means.

“If we in the ‘Baby Boom Generation’ can’t pay off this debt, how can we expect the next generation to do it – we can give our children a bright future right here in Ontario,” Barrett concluded. “So let’s not wait any longer – let’s start today.”

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