A commitment to mental health is long overdue

By MPP Toby Barrett Health Canada recently announced it will provide Ontario with an additional $4.2 billion in health funding. Of those funds, $2.3 billion is for better home care and homecare infrastructure requirements. The remainder, $1.9 billion, is for mental health initiatives. The Official Opposition has asked the Wynne government to match the funding; … Continue reading “A commitment to mental health is long overdue”

A trade war with New York State would be reckless

By MPP Toby Barrett Parliamentary debate last week addressed the fact New York State passed legislation that will mandate only American-made steel may be procured for certain infrastructure projects. Texas has similar legislation that came in last September which placed ‘Buy American’ requirements on iron and steel in highway and construction projects. As a result, … Continue reading “A trade war with New York State would be reckless”

Ontario’s healthcare crisis is beyond bandaids

By MPP Toby Barrett Now, more than ever, we must address Ontario’s healthcare crisis to ensure families and seniors can rely on help in times of need. Ontario’s universal public healthcare system was once our source of pride, but over the past 15 years we have seen the system pushed to its limit. We’ve all … Continue reading “Ontario’s healthcare crisis is beyond bandaids”

Barrett pushes transportation minister on Highway 6

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Feb. 21, 2017   QUEEN’S PARK – Haldimand-Norfolk MPP Toby Barrett took the Minister of Transportation to task over the mishandling of the repair and re-construction of Highway 6 between Caledonia and Hagersville during Question Period at Queen’s Park. Barrett spoke of the many calls and e-mails received on a daily basis … Continue reading “Barrett pushes transportation minister on Highway 6”

Farmers should make the decisions that affect farmers

By MPP Toby Barrett The 2.2 million people working in agri-food boosts Ontario’s rural and small town economy, and that of the entire province for that matter. As the Opposition Critic for Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs, I co-chaired a provincial policy committee of farmers and others last winter. It didn’t take long and it … Continue reading “Farmers should make the decisions that affect farmers”

Report blasts Hydro One privatization

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Feb. 14, 2018   SIMCOE – Haldimand-Norfolk MPP Toby Barrett points to the recent Financial Accountability Office(FAO) report on the privatization of Hydro One as more evidence of the government’s bungling of the electricity file. The province’s financial watchdog released a report on Monday that found it would have been more economical … Continue reading “Report blasts Hydro One privatization”

Mental health must be treated the same as physical health

By MPP Toby Barrett Finance Committee’s pre-budget hearings have wrapped up for another year. In almost every city the committee heard about the impacts of mental health on people in Ontario. It is clear the government is not doing enough to support children and youth mental health issues. Presenters stressed mental health must be treated … Continue reading “Mental health must be treated the same as physical health”

Job losses confirm minimum wage hike a job-killer

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Feb. 9, 2017 SIMCOE – The impacts of Ontario’s new labour legislation are already having a negative effect on the economy. Statistics Canada January Labour Force Survey reaffirms the findings of the Ontario Chamber of Commerce report released only days ago, which found low labour force participation, low business confidence, and declining … Continue reading “Job losses confirm minimum wage hike a job-killer”

Municipal/provincial elections about who you trust

By MPP Toby Barrett The ongoing provincial-municipal relationship has surfaced of late during testimony before pre-budget hearings and at the recent convention of ROMA, the Rural Ontario Municipal Association. Discussions are dominated by the fact it’s an election year on both provincial and municipal fronts. The provincial contest is in June, with municipal following in … Continue reading “Municipal/provincial elections about who you trust”