Barrett back to Queen’s Park


QUEEN’S PARK—MPP Toby Barrett, Haldimand-Norfolk, is back to work at Queen’s Park to make sure the Power Workers’ Union does not strike. Today’s resumption of the Legislature is about ensuring that people across Ontario have a stable power supply over the holidays and into the winter months. 

“This is an emergency. I’m back to Queen’s Park to help ensure that the lights stay on and Ontarians stay warm and safe,” said MPP Barrett. “Allowing the NDP-supported shut down of our nuclear and hydro facilities would place people at risk—especially seniors, critical care patients, and nursing home residents. Not taking action could be catastrophic.”

Ontarians need and deserve a reliable power supply—especially during the winter.  In the event of a strike, the province would be without a stable, safe supply of power.  Small businesses, hospitals, and senior’s homes could see rolling black outs. And many families would be without a safe power supply to heat their homes.  That is a risk the government cannot take.

The Ontario government respects the collective bargaining process and would rather the two sides reached a deal to provide an uninterrupted power supply to Ontarians. The hope is that the NDP caucus will realize the urgency of the situation and help pass the legislation quickly.


For more information, contact MPP Toby Barrett at 519-428-0446, 905-765-8413, 1-800-903-8629 or