Barrett backs “new deal” for public sector


Simcoe – A New Deal for the Public Sector, will guide Ontario’s civil service in refocusing on core services that matter most, according to Haldimand-Norfolk MPP Toby Barrett.

The New Deal … released today, is the latest in a series of white papers from the Official Opposition on topics including: patient-centred health care, a flexible workplace, affordable energy, sustainable pensions and a strong economy.

“The New Deal provides government tools to rein in spending – and getting out of those services government has no business to be in,” stated Barrett. “It’s giving our public service the specific objectives, measurements and incentives they’ll need.”

The white paper rejects measuring government’s success by the money it spends or the number of programs it delivers.

“Instead, we’ll measure productivity like the private sector. We’ll reward those who deliver results, and those who do not won’t be on our payroll.” Opposition Leader Tim Hudak explained. “We’ll end compulsory union membership for managers if they choose to bargain individually. And we’ll ensure all Ontarians can apply for government job openings – not only those already on the government payroll.”

A New Deal for the Public Sector is designed to show the way to bring the size of government back in line with taxpayers’ ability to pay.

“Ontario’s budget problem is too big to be fixed by economic growth alone,” Barrett stated. “Nine years of wasteful overspending has dug us into a hole that requires real, immediate, and effective action aimed at cutting spending, increasing competition and choice, while focussing on priorities like health care and education.”

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