Barrett calls for re-striking the gas plant committee

Feb. 18, 2015

QUEEN’S PARK – Re-strike the gas plant committee! That was the call from MPP Toby Barrett, fellow Opposition caucus members and members of the Third Party.

The Haldimand-Norfolk MPP’s remarks come in the wake of the Liberal-dominated Standing Committee on Justice report on the gas plants. The report barely mentions senior Liberal staffers who are part of the ongoing investigation by the OPP. The report’s chief recommendation was more consultation on energy projects.

“How do you consider the report complete when it doesn’t even mention allegations of the boyfriend of a Liberal staffer being paid $10,000 to wipe computers clean,” Barrett questioned. “This is a cover-up of epic proportions.”

In addition, in the few weeks since this report was written new information has surfaced about the OPP investigation which opens up the possibility that key witnesses may have lied to the Committee.

“This scandal isn’t over, even if the Premier wants to pretend it is by forcing the Committee to report,” Barrett said.

The Opposition recommendation is to re-strike the committee and bring forward witnesses like David Livingston, Laura Miller and Peter Faist.


For more information, contact MPP Toby Barrett at 519-428-0446