Barrett encourages signatures against loopholes with designated grow-ops rules


Dec. 6, 2020

SIMCOE – Haldimand-Norfolk MPP Toby Barrett is encouraging residents who object to designated marijuana grow-ops who are bending the rules to sign MP Diane Finley’s petition on the topic.

Designated marijuana grow-ops differ from the licensed commercial operations. Some designated grow-ops are taking advantage of a loophole in the law that lets another person grow plants for personal use for those with a prescription for medical marijuana. These greenhouses are growing for many people with such prescriptions.

“Over the years, I’ve had many meetings, e-mails and phone calls about designated grow-ops,” Barrett said. “Neighbours are concerned because some operators don’t control odours. People often wonder about the legitimacy of the operation.”

“The designated grower program is rife with abuse, lacks sufficient oversight from Health Canada, and has loopholes that allow operations to grow to the size of large-scale commercial operations, with none of the oversights or controls that would prevent odours and environmental impacts on our communities,” Finley said. “Law enforcement is also aware of a growing number of designated grower facilities that are linked to organized crime.”

E-petitions is a mechanism for people to speak out available at the federal level, but not at the provincial level.

Finley’s petition is open until Jan. 20, 2021 and can be accessed at,


For more information, contact MPP Toby Barrett at 519-428-0446 or [email protected]

Finley can be contacted at 519-426-3400 or [email protected]