Barrett questions ‘smart’ness of smart meters 5 years after committee hearings, local fears have been realized

For Immediate Release:
September 29, 2010

Queens Park – Smart meters means little conservation and a major cost to consumers.

That according to MPP Toby Barrett who indicated local testimony five years ago warned of the smart meter plan pitfalls.

“The Haldimand Federation of Agriculture testified down in our area,” Barrett recalled. “Frank Sommer…noted, ‘We’re concerned that Ontario may be embarking on an experiment that will set us on a course that will leave our farm industry and the rest of Ontario on a less competitive footing with our neighbours….’ – That was five years ago.”

The Haldimand-Norfolk representative spoke to an Opposition motion calling for a suspension of smart meters until billing problems are fixed and Ontario families are given the option of whether to participate in the time-of-use program.

“Carol Chudy…with the Clean, Affordable Energy Alliance, picked up on that theme: ‘Much of the farming activities that are energy-intensive simply cannot be shifted. You can’t turn off your greenhouse at peak time. You can’t stop your heating or air conditioning”——”for livestock, milking and storage of product …,” Barrett continued. “Fast-forward five years – here we are – we’re still debating smart meters, and some of our worst fears are becoming realized.

“We request this government to do the right thing, do the smart thing, if you will: Hit the pause button on this program. Provide some choice.”

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