Budget fails to address the debt and ignores Opposition requests




QUEEN’S PARK – Today’s budget provides more questions than answers as the government introduces a budget that does not address Ontario’s $312 billion debt.

And, the big question remains, is the budget really balanced or is it a case of “cooking the books”?

With the claim the $141 billion budget is balanced, the government is saying the amount they spend is the same as the money coming in. But, the mystery is how can this be possible.

“No one believes that Kathleen Wynne has balanced the budget. Now they’re finally starting to admit what a disaster they`ve made of the province`s books,” said Opposition Finance Critic Vic Fedeli. “The government’s promise of a false balance cannot distract from the fact that the government’s finances are still a mess. Ontario is worse off as a result of the debt burden this government created. It’s eroding the services Ontario families depend on, and placing a burden on future generations they don’t deserve.

“We are seeing government hyperbole in advance of next year’s election. Many independent government and non-government financial officers have said a truly balanced budget isn’t possible,” said Haldimand-Norfolk MPP Toby Barrett. “The big question is what else will be cut and what else will be sold?”

Although, not found in the budget, the Official Opposition continues to put forward the following five budget asks of the present government:

  • A long-term plan to get Ontario’s debt under control
  • Immediate steps to address the root of Ontario’s hydro crisis. These measures include: stop signing contracts for power we don’t need, dismantle the Green Energy Act, stop the fire sale of Hydro One, and rein in exorbitant executive compensation in the energy sector
  • Solutions to addressing Ontario’s housing crisis, including evidence-based measures to address both supply and demand, the establishment of a panel of industry experts, and an immediate review of the government portfolio
  • Immediately making cap-and-trade revenue neutral, where any money generated is returned to hard-working Ontarians
  • An immediate moratorium on school closures, and an immediate review of the flawed Pupil Accommodation Review Guideline that determines these closures


For more information contact MPP Toby Barrett at

[email protected] or 519-428-0446