Home to proud history and great architecture

By MPP Toby Barrett Well before the construction of Ontario’s present Queen’s Park Legislative Building, Ontario was governed as the British colony of Upper Canada. After its formation in 1791, Upper Canada’s elected Legislature first met on September 17th, 1792.  As no permanent structure was built to house the Legislature in Newark, now Niagara-on-the Lake, … Continue reading “Home to proud history and great architecture”

Ontario’s five year path to balance the books

By MPP Toby Barrett The 2019 Ontario Budget is committed to balancing the books by 2023-24 in a responsible manner – restoring accountability, sustainability and trust. The government’s plan will prioritize investments that generate the greatest returns for the people of Ontario and protect what matters most. Programs will be continually reviewed to ensure that … Continue reading “Ontario’s five year path to balance the books”

Relief to the tune of $26 billion is on the way

By MPP Toby Barrett  On April 11, the Ontario government presented a plan to balance Ontario’s budget in a reasonable and responsible manner, all the while reducing the burden of debt. At the same time, it will be delivering $26 billion in relief to individuals, families, and businesses.  The tax relief and other consumer measures … Continue reading “Relief to the tune of $26 billion is on the way”

Consultation continues to direct education policy

By MPP Toby Barrett Last fall, the Ontario Government took immediate steps to initiate a broad-ranging curriculum consultation of which all Ontarians had the opportunity to take part.   Consultations ran from September to December 2018. Over 72,000 submissions were received from parents, students, educators, employers, and organizations. This was the largest education consultation in Ontario’s … Continue reading “Consultation continues to direct education policy”

A budget that is protecting what matters most

By MPP Toby Barrett Ontario’s recently-released budget for 2019-2020 is focused on what is important: the need to restore accountability, sustainability, and trust in government; the need to restore confidence in Ontario’s finances and reduce the debt burden; the need to protect the critical public services we hold most dear, including our world-class health care … Continue reading “A budget that is protecting what matters most”

Massive public debt looms over April 11 budget

By MPP Toby Barrett April 11th marks the Doug Ford government’s first budget. Looming over this process is not only a large structural deficit, but also a massive public debt of more than one-third of a trillion dollars – that is 346 with nine zeros behind it. Ontario is the most indebted sub-national government on … Continue reading “Massive public debt looms over April 11 budget”

If you read something today…thank a teacher

By MPP Toby Barrett Many are familiar with the catchphrase, “If you ate today…thank a farmer.” As a former teacher, a member of several generations of farmers and teachers, and a great believer in teachers and the job they do, I’d like to state, “If you read today, thank a teacher,” or for that matter, … Continue reading “If you read something today…thank a teacher”

The importance of communicating ideas, information

By Toby Barrett, MPP What you are presently reading is my premier communications platform—a column I’ve had the good fortune to pen on a weekly basis as an elected representative since 1995. You can’t beat a column for being able to express in detail your thoughts, the thoughts of those you represent, and the government’s … Continue reading “The importance of communicating ideas, information”

Healing our wounded health care system

By MPP Toby Barrett This winter, the Ontario government introduced Bill 74, The People’s Health Care Act. It sets a vision for patient-centred community health care through fostering the establishment of local Ontario Health Teams. Our Ontario Health Teams will consist of local health care providers organized in a way that will enable them to … Continue reading “Healing our wounded health care system”

Patients are lost in our health care system

By MPP Toby Barrett For way too long, Ontario patients and families have been getting lost in our health care system, falling through the cracks, and waiting too long for care. This obviously can have a negative impact on the wellbeing of those involved, as well as their loved ones. The health care system is … Continue reading “Patients are lost in our health care system”