Let’s scrap unnecessary regulation and red tape

By MPP Toby Barrett Much of our work at Queen’s Park is designed to boost the provincial economy. For example, Bill 47, Making Ontario Open for Business Act, will begin removing the onerous burdens on our job creators while preserving real benefits for Ontario workers. The goal is to simplify, harmonize and reduce the regulatory … Continue reading “Let’s scrap unnecessary regulation and red tape”

Canadian Muscle: The Last Hundred Days of WWI

By MPP Toby Barrett During the Great War, Canada earned a reputation as an effective fighting force at Vimy Ridge and Passchendaele.  Less known is the important role our soldiers played in the final victory during “Canada’s Hundred Days”—the three-month stretch culminating in Armistice. Allied generals put Canadians on the front lines.  Canadian soldiers had … Continue reading “Canadian Muscle: The Last Hundred Days of WWI”

Those who carried out their terrible duty superbly

By MPP Toby Barrett Many have heard of U.S. sniper Chief Petty Officer Chris Kyle, who gained fame when he wrote the book American Sniper, which was made into a film in 2014. Kyle made a confirmed kill at 1,920 meters in 2008 during the Iraq war. With more than 150 kills, his total was … Continue reading “Those who carried out their terrible duty superbly”

How to expand natural gas to homes and businesses

By MPP Toby Barrett This fall legislation was introduced to enable the private sector to deliver natural gas to 78 communities and up to 33,000 new customers. On Oct. 1st, we also took the carbon tax off natural gas bills. This will save customers $80 a year, and small businesses, $285. We’re ending the previous … Continue reading “How to expand natural gas to homes and businesses”

Alternative land use bill passes second reading

By MPP Toby Barrett The Ontario Legislature recently debated and voted in favour of a bill to support the concept of setting aside land for wildlife and other environmental purposes. In addition to support from all political parties, the Private Member’s Bill – which I authored – received support ranging from Delta Waterfowl to the … Continue reading “Alternative land use bill passes second reading”

Trade builds prosperity and good-paying jobs

By MPP Toby Barrett On May 18, last year U.S. Trade Representative Robert Lighthizer gave notice of intent to renegotiate the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) with Canada and Mexico. Citing outdated standards and regulation, Lighthizer stressed the need for higher-paying jobs in the U.S. And President Trump, we know, had repeatedly stated he … Continue reading “Trade builds prosperity and good-paying jobs”

To restore trust, transparency and accountability

 By MPP Toby Barrett According to an independent inquiry into Ontario’s finances the deficit for this 2018-19 fiscal year is $15 billion. This Financial Commission of Inquiry is shining a spotlight on the biggest government scandal in a generation. We sent in a team of experts, led by former BC Premier Gordon Campbell, to follow … Continue reading “To restore trust, transparency and accountability”

Toronto will have 25 city councillors, not 47

 By MPP Toby Barrett Our Province of Ontario boasts 444 municipalities, including the City of Toronto, which provide critical services for people in Ontario. On August 14, as an elected representative, I voted in favour of Bill 5 – Better Local Government Act.  Our goal as government was clear then, and we remain committed to … Continue reading “Toronto will have 25 city councillors, not 47”

A bill to support alternate land use and services

 By MPP Toby Barrett This past summer I developed and introduced a Private Members Bill titled, An Act respecting a voluntary program for the alternate use of agricultural land and the production of ecosystem services on that land. The proposed legislation recognizes the right of owners of agricultural land to set aside, voluntarily, any part … Continue reading “A bill to support alternate land use and services”

There’s no shortage of things to do this fall

By MPP Toby Barrett As I attend the many events lined up throughout the fall, I am reminded of our agricultural, outdoors and cultural heritage and the giving spirit of people in Haldimand-Norfolk. It is heartening to be the elected representative of such a caring and generous community. Our fall season has kicked off with … Continue reading “There’s no shortage of things to do this fall”