Winning the war against invasive phragmites

By MPP Toby Barrett  Those travelling Long Point Bay can see the progress in the local battle against phragmites – and see that we are winning.  Phragmites has been called the largest invasive plant facing Ontario by Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada. It thrives in wetlands and ditches and beyond, crowding out native vegetation and creating … Continue reading “Winning the war against invasive phragmites”

Striking a balance for fishing with bait

By MPP Toby Barrett In my travels around Haldimand and Norfolk, and through media stories, I am hearing there is a renewed interest in people harvesting their own food. From more people gardening to a huge increase in sales of fishing rods and reels, people want to be more self-reliant.  For anglers, live bait is … Continue reading “Striking a balance for fishing with bait”

New measures to achieve a discrimination-free classroom

By MPP Toby Barrett This July, the Ontario government announced bold changes to help break down barriers to success for Black students. Some of these changes include eliminating discretionary suspensions for Kindergarten to Grade 3; destreaming curricula starting with Grade 9 math; and providing anti-discrimination professional development for the education sector. The government will also be strengthening sanctions … Continue reading “New measures to achieve a discrimination-free classroom”

Back to building long-term care beds in Ontario

By MPP Toby Barrett Help is on the way for long-term care, a sector that saw only 611 new beds built between 2011 and 2018. Many long-term care homes were constructed before 1970, and outdated rooms are in dire need of redevelopment.  Previously, when I served with Premier Harris, we initiated construction of 20,000 long-term … Continue reading “Back to building long-term care beds in Ontario”

Legislation that addresses new and emerging diseases

By MPP Toby Barrett Those who work and play in Ontario are cognizant of COVID, but we need also remember that another emerging infectious disease continues to lurk. As with coronavirus, we must remain vigilant and continue to take measures to prevent the onset of Lyme. In 2015, and out of concern of what might … Continue reading “Legislation that addresses new and emerging diseases”

New math curriculum welcome news for September

By MPP Toby Barrett All aspects of our lives have been impacted by COVID-19. Although we have collectively made progress, the virus remains and we must be vigilant. There’s the worry of a second wave this fall and that’s why this week our Ontario Government presented parents and students with options for schooling. We also … Continue reading “New math curriculum welcome news for September”

Haldimand-Norfolk goes to Stage 2 reopening

By MPP Toby Barrett The Ontario Government, on the advice of the Chief Medical Officer of Health, has moved the Haldimand-Norfolk public health region into Stage 2 reopening, as of Friday, June 19. Further investigation into the farm outbreak determined the virus has been contained and there is now less chance of spread to the … Continue reading “Haldimand-Norfolk goes to Stage 2 reopening”

We have problems in Haldimand-Norfolk; we will fix them

By MPP Toby Barrett     Anyone who reads or watches the big city news will know Haldimand and Norfolk, over many months, have had the dubious notoriety of going above and beyond Ontario policy on COVID-19. More recently the local mayors yet again garnered headlines, and caught the eye of Queen’s Park, with the announced reversal … Continue reading “We have problems in Haldimand-Norfolk; we will fix them”

We must all aggressively plan for our recovery

 By MPP Toby Barrett It has been over four months since Ontario’s first case of coronavirus, and our focus now is getting businesses up and running – and people back to work – in a safe and responsible manner. Reopening Ontario is the toughest balancing act we’ve ever had. My staff constantly hears conflicting opinions; … Continue reading “We must all aggressively plan for our recovery”

The invasion of garlic mustard and common buckthorn

By MPP Toby Barrett The trillium is a symbol of spring – Ontario’s white floral emblem. But there’s another symbol of how invasives can dominate our landscape – the white blossom of garlic mustard.  Like many invasives, garlic mustard is highly competitive and can force out natural species – like Ontario’s trillium. It produces an … Continue reading “The invasion of garlic mustard and common buckthorn”