Commitments to set a new course for Ontario

By MPP Toby Barrett

When I was first elected I was part of a government under Mike Harris, which, over the years, did what it said it was going to do based on its platform – the Common Sense Revolution.

On Thursday, June 7, I was re-elected under a Doug Ford government, which has also committed to do what its platform states it is going to do.

On our return to the Ontario Legislature this summer, we filed what has been labelled, ‘Government Notice of Motion Number 1’ – That, in the opinion of this House, the current government is a government for the people with a clear mandate to pursue policies that put more money in people’s pockets; create and protect jobs; address the hydro crisis; reduce hospital wait times; and restore accountability and trust in government.

On June 7, people in Ontario voted for change, and voted for change based on some of the platform commitments listed above.

People across Ontario and in Haldimand-Norfolk believe life can be better – as a province we can do better. Voters gave us a clear mandate, and gave us the tools to deliver on our commitments.

We have presented a plan that puts you first, a plan for the people of Ontario. This is a plan that will turn this province around and deliver on our collective vision – a vision for a brighter future, for hope and prosperity. You have trusted us to work tirelessly every day on your behalf with integrity and transparency, and that is exactly what we are going to do, starting with this unprecedented summer sitting at Queen’s Park.

Our recently-elected team of MPPs have a critical task ahead. It will mean long days, hard work, and personal sacrifices. We are ready to roll up our sleeves, ready to get the job done, and no matter what, we will not forget that we owe this opportunity to the people of Ontario.

You have entrusted us with the highest responsibility. You have trusted us to govern, to respect your tax dollars, to recognize that every dollar the government spends belongs to you. To represent your interest above all others, to make decisions that will make life easier and more affordable — decisions that will alter the course of our great province and impact the future of our children.

Our immediate goal is to set the stage for a government that will always be accountable to you. A government that will only answer to you. For those who did not vote for us, all we ask is for a chance to show you life will be better with a government that is for all the people. That life will be more affordable.

My experience in Haldimand-Norfolk is that, in between elections, we put aside political differences, whether your political leanings are red, blue, green or orange. It doesn’t matter because this is about all of us coming together under a singular purpose, under a united vision. A vision of a prosperous riding and a government that works for you!

Needless to say, the task before us is truly immense. Together we can turn Ontario around and I assure you the work is already underway.

Toby Barrett is the MPP for Haldimand-Norfolk