Dalton McGuinty Withholding Millions From Victims In Need, Barrett echoes Hudak call for victim support

For Immediate Release:
March 18, 2011

Queens Park – Haldimand Norfolk MPP Toby Barrett is joining Ontario Opposition Leader Tim Hudak’s call for significant changes to ensure that victims of violent crime receive the support that they need and deserve.

Hudak revealed today that the McGuinty government continues withhold tens of millions of dollars in support contained in the Victims Justice Fund, including a $31 million surplus last year. What’s worse, victims of violent crime like Liz Hoage, who also joined Hudak today, are being denied support while the McGuinty government withholds millions in funding.

Hudak said if he became Premier he would release the Victims’ Justice Fund surplus to victims and hardworking law enforcement agencies. Secondly, Hudak pledged to work to ensure the definition the Criminal Injuries Compensation Board (CICB) uses to determine compensation reflects the needs of victims.

“Public Accounts show the Victims’ Justice Fund ran a $31 million dollar surplus in 2010. What’s worse, Dalton McGuinty was criticized over four years ago for withholding these surpluses when there were victims of crime in need of support,” Tim Hudak, Ontario Opposition Leader

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