Driver/license increases unfair: Barrett

March 14, 2012

SIMCOE – Haldimand-Norfolk MPP Toby Barrett says a huge increase in transportation fees is the latest shot at rural Ontario residents.

The McGuinty government announced it would be increasing car license plate renewals to $98 over the next three years. That equates to a 33 per cent increase over the $74 currently charged in southern Ontario. The rate will rise to $82 on Sept. 1, followed by subsequent increases until the price is $98 in 2015. Fees for driver’s licenses, driver exam fees, trailer permits, commercial and farm plates will all also increase.

Barrett said the fee hikes discriminate against rural people because municipal transportation is usually not an option.

“McGuinty is trying to solve his spending problem by jacking up license fees,” Barrett said. “It’s not fair to area residents, because we need a vehicle to get a job, get groceries or drop our kids off at school. The TTC doesn’t come down to Cheapside or Silver Hill.”

Barrett explained many Haldimand residents commute to Hamilton and the Niagara area to work. In Norfolk, many drive to Ingersoll, Woodstock or London for their jobs.

Barrett further questioned the huge amount of the increase, pointing out that most residents in the riding are seeing only small wage increases or are experiencing wage freezes – with the exception of select unionized public sector workers.

“This is another hit on the pocketbook of Haldimand-Norfolk residents already struggling with high energy prices and a rising cost of living,” he said. “Mr. McGuinty does not have a budget revenue problem. He does not need to jack up fees on hard-working people, he needs to deal with the wasteful spending of ORNGE and E-Health.”

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