ECO report focuses on government failure to deliver on environment

For Immediate Release:
September 22, 2010

St. Thomas: Today’s report from Environmental Commissioner Gord Miller highlights a trail of broken commitments, wasted spending and lacklustre consultation underlining McGuinty’s failure to deliver on environment according to Opposition Environment Critic Toby Barrett.

The report reveals that Dalton McGuinty failed to protect beach lands, and failed to consult with concerned citizens on power plants. This is further proof that Dalton McGuinty’s priorities are not the priorities of Ontario’s families.

“In the York Energy Centre project specifically, we see no consultation while the government rushed the project forward following lobbying by famed Liberal lobbyist –and former McGuinty aide – Bob Lopinksi,” Barrett intoned. “Many will remember Mr. Lopinski, as the lobbyist at the centre of the untendered Maid of the Mist contract, and untendered Casino Niagara contract.”

The ECO report, Redefining Conservation, also highlighted concerns for polluted beaches, as well as a clear lack of plan for the Far North.

“Lack of consultation is a McGuinty specialty. Whether it’s a peaker plant or the opportunity for mining development in the far north, this government has not done consultations and has not involved citizens in the area. Mr. McGuinty’s top down approach ignores the advice and wisdom of local experts.” — Opposition Environment Critic Toby Barrett

Dalton McGuinty has spent more than $653 million on wastewater infrastructure upgrades on the Great Lakes since March 2007 yet Ontario beaches continue to deteriorate.
Despite compelling arguments to submit the York Energy Centre project to an individual environmental assessment, Dalton McGuinty and the Ontario Power Authority refused to do so

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