eHealth boondoogle warrants inquiry Where did the money go? – Barrett

For Immediate Release:
October 7, 2010

Simcoe – MPP Toby Barrett is echoing Tim Hudak’s push for an inquiry into the billion dollar eHealth scandal.

“A public inquiry is so important, not only to find out what went wrong and where the money went, but also to ensure such a massive waste of taxpayer dollars never happens again,” Barrett advocated. “The Ipperwash report described inquiries as a way to ‘find out what happened – to look back,’ as well as to ‘look forward,’ and ‘propose policy reform’ – we need the same answers on eHealth.”

To date, well over $1 billion has been wasted. This week, the Ontario’s Opposition reported that despite spending an additional $343 million last year alone, four major milestones were missed by eHealth and families are no closer to having electronic health records.

“Taxpayers want to know where that money is,” Barrett said. ” And they want a mechanism to get that money back.”

To this point, Dalton McGuinty refuses to investigate the billion dollar-and-climbing scandal where McGuinty Government friends and staffers were handed lucrative untendered contracts. This includes 48 untendered contracts handed out in sweetheart deals because the Premier’s Management Board waived competitive bidding rules.

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