Energy Minister shuts down petitioners’ wind moratorium demands

For Immediate Release
May 11, 2012

Queen’s Park – A Minister’s response to demands of petitioners across the province for a wind-power moratorium indicates government has no plans to change its unsustainable and unwanted energy direction any time soon.

Haldimand-Norfolk MPP Toby Barrett received the response after reading in petitions on behalf of residents in the riding who continue to indicate their support for a moratorium.

“We in Opposition have attempted on numerous occasions to introduce legislative measures requiring government to implement a wind moratorium – again and again we’ve been denied,” said Barrett. “The present government is denying the voices of the people, right across the province and here in Haldimand-Norfolk.”

The petitions requested the moratorium, “on all industrial wind turbine development until a third party health and environmental study has been completed.”

In response, the Minister stressed the importance of, “building our clean energy economy”, as well as noting that, “a new priority points system will encourage greater community and Aboriginal participation and will prioritize projects with municipal support.”

Barrett says with close to 200 wind towers set to march into the area, people were looking for ways that municipalities and their residents could halt the onset – not ways to speed up the process.

For more information, please contact MPP Toby Barrett at: (416) 325-8404,
(519) 428-0446 or 1-800-903-8629