Five years later – still no wires on abandoned power towers, Energy Minister ignores worthless, wireless monuments to inaction at Caledonia

For Immediate Release:
February 28, 2011

Queens Park – Five years after the occupation of Douglas Creek Estates at Caledonia, government is still attempting to hide from questions regarding McGuinty’s legacy of futility.

Today, as residents marked the fifth (un)happy anniversary, McGuinty’s Energy Minister refused to address Haldimand Norfolk MPP Toby Barrett’s questions about the vital hydro transmission project stopped by militants during the land dispute.

“Today, never used, white elephant power towers march into Caledonia, unfinished, worthless and wireless; five years of trestles from these power towers being used as blockades, festooned with warrior flags,” asserted Barrett. “Minister, Ontario taxpayers paid for these powerless monuments to your inaction. What headway have you made since 2006 with respect to restarting this power tower project?”

Instead of answering the question, Energy Minister Brad Duguid chose to talk about, “working in partnership,” with, “all partners”.

“The Niagara reinforcement project runs the length of the Niagara Peninsula to the Caledonia transfer station beyond to Middleport—800 megawatts meant to serve 300,000 people,” Barrett informed the Minister. “I can tell you this project won’t deliver one megawatt until you and your Premier can figure out how to get those wires up.

“All the while, Big Becky forges on in Niagara, some $600 million over budget to supply the increased green power—clean power—to the same upgrades that they’re meant to deliver. How much longer will you and your government permit this construction to be blockaded?”

In response, Duguid again sidestepped the question by talking about the investments government has made in transmission.

The investment of taxpayer dollars is worthless if government remains neutered by a land dispute that continues to ensure new power towers remain abandoned and wireless.

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For more information, please contact MPP Toby Barrett at
(519) 428-0446 or (905)-765-8413, 1-800-903-8629