The folly of wind energy continues


July 24, 2013

PORT ROWAN – Haldimand-Norfolk MPP Toby Barrett continued to question the folly of wind power since the province is still relying more on coal than wind power.

Last week when the humidity was high and the wind wasn’t blowing, the coal furnaces were being stoked as coal provided nine per cent of the province’s power and wind only 0.01 per cent. Yesterday was a different story with the winds picking up substantially about noon and continuing to blow through the day. Yet, the province’s total wind turbines were only providing 576 MW and coal 1,208MW.

Barrett again questioned what was going to happen when the coal plants were taken offline.

“I don’t dispute we need some wind in our power mix, but I question the planning of Ontario’s future power mix,” he said. “Will there be reliability in Ontario’s electricity future?”

Interestingly, the 576 MW being generated at noon were of a total available of 1,683MW and the peak wind power generated for the day was 996 MW.

“A reliable and affordable electricity supply is important not only to attract residents, but also industry,” Barrett said. “Industries dependent on electricity will not choose to locate in jurisdictions like Ontario with high power prices.”

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