Hydro One investigation overdue

Feb. 6, 2014

SIMCOE – “It’s about time,” MPP Toby Barrett said of the news Ombudsman Andre Marin would be investigating Hydro One’s treatment of its customers.

Over the past several months, Barrett’s office has been dealing with an increase in complaints about Hydro One.

“The standard response when my staff contact Hydro One is someone will contact the customer, but there is no guarantee when it will occur,” Barrett said. “Yet, at the same time, Hydro One doesn’t provide the same flexibility to its customers paying their bills. This is not acceptable and ratepayers deserve better service.”

Ombudsman Marin decided to launch an investigation into Hydro One in the wake of an increasing volume of complaints to his office.

“It was visibly obvious the amount of frustration the Ombudsman was feeling when he spoke to the lack of co-operation with his own office when they made inquiries to Hydro One,” said Opposition Energy Critic Lisa MacLeod. “The entire PC Caucus will be pressing the government to show some leadership and address the issue with Hydro One in the coming months.”

Another complaint Barrett’s office hears from constituents is the practice of Hydro One billing individual customers for transformer and infrastructure upgrades.

“Outside of the customer service issue, there are also unresolved issues with regards to compensation levels for Hydro One employees,” Barrett said.



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