Ice storm illustrates need for emergency review

January 6, 2014

SIMCOE – The call for a select committee to study the province’s emergency preparedness has the full backing of Haldimand-Norfolk MPP Toby Barrett.

“New measures were put in place following the ice storm of 1998 that struck eastern Ontario,” Barrett said. “Following the extended length of time many in Toronto and other areas were without power, it appears the government has not learned from past lessons.”

Barrett’s comments follow the announcement the Opposition is going to introduce a motion to strike a Committee to study the province’s emergency preparedness and to develop a protocol for quicker responses in the future. It will be presented on Feb. 18, the first day the Legislature resumes.

Over two weeks have passed since the recent ice storm left over 600,000 homes across the province in the dark and Ontarians are looking for answers as to why they went days without power.

Although Toronto was in the news this time, Barrett pointed out Haldimand-Norfolk has had its fair share of snow storms and power outages.

“Locally, nearby friends, family, volunteers pitch in – often with snowmobiles and four-wheelers,” Barrett said. “But not all areas in Ontario are blessed with such expertise or community spirit.

“Families need confidence in our energy system, not a government that is more interested in playing postal code politics. Instead of managing the problem, the premier seemed to be using it as a photo op to hand out free food.”


For further information, contact MPP Toby Barrett at 519-428-0446