Job losses continue under McGuinty-Wynne policies


SIMCOE – Ontario had the dubious honour of losing more jobs than any other province last month.

“The McGuinty-Wynne Liberals added more than 38,000 men and women to the half- million men and women already looking for work,” said Haldimand-Norfolk MPP Toby Barrett. “It’s just further proof that a McGuinty-Wynne led government can’t put Ontario back to work.”

These are the highest full-time job losses of any province. Ontario can be a destination for business and manufacturing, but it won’t happen with the McGuinty-Wynne Liberals at the helm, Barrett added. Ontario’s employment rate has been above the national average for 78 months.

“Part of a good business environment is reasonable electricity rates,” Barrett said. “Ontario electricity rates are among the highest in North America. That isn’t attractive to business, and it makes it more expensive for people to live here. Combine skyrocketing electricity prices with high taxes and mountains of red tape, and it creates an environment that scares business away.”

There are some bright spots in the local employment scene – such as Toyotetsu hiring – which Barrett was glad to see. Norfolk’s unemployment rate was 7.3 per cent in June, 12 per cent in March and 7.6 per cent in December 2012.

“New boss, same as the old boss,” Barrett said. “Premier Wynne – as did Mr. McGuinty – seems determined to keep Ontario as the nation’s leader for unemployment.”

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