Legislature pulls together for Annaleise

August 29, 2012
For Immediate Release

Queen’s Park – The Ontario Legislature pulled together yesterday to honour 14-year-old Annaleise Carr and her incredible feat to cross Lake Ontario.

MPP Paul Miller reflected on Annaleise’s accomplishment on behalf of the NDP caucus. His aunt was an Olympic swimming trainer.
“She also provides an amazing example of dedication and sport. She is a role model for youth in our country,” Miller said. “A 14-year-old girl swam across Lake Ontario: simply amazing. If this doesn’t get our young people involved in sports, I don’t know what will. This is amazing for Canadian youth. This young lady should be immortalized for what she did.”
Annaleise’s swim to raise money for Camp Trillium touched Liberal MPP Tracy MacCharles as she is a childhood cancer survivor. “Myself, as a survivor of childhood cancer, I want to say thank you, Annaleise, to you and your team,” MacCharles said. “Camp Trillium is a wonderful place where kids with cancer can go and forget about the medical procedures and all the tests and just have fun, which is so important when kids are battling cancer.”
Haldimand-Norfolk MPP Toby Barrett said, following the unanimous consent statements from all three parties, that it was so nice to see all three parties pulled together as a result of Annaleise. “Just a few short months ago Annaleise was a Legislative Page here at Queen’s Park and I felt it was fitting that we pay tribute to her historical swim.

“Over the years, I have met so many wonderful people who give tirelessly and believe in their community. But every once in a while I meet someone who stands head and shoulders — even at four foot ten — above the rest,” Barrett told members of the House. “The people of my area have been brimming with happiness, pride and love of Annaleise since making headlines all over Canada, and abroad, not only with her athletic abilities but her infectious smile.”

Barrett went on to say how blessed his riding is to house Camp Trillium Rainbow Lake near Waterford – a place where those battling childhood cancer can go and forget about being the “cancer kid” for a while. Annaleise has mentioned over and over that the mere thought of the kids at camp was what helped urge her through the dark, lonely cold night.

“Colleagues, it’s tough to put the right words together today to articulate just how proud people are of Annaleise Carr. Making history, making us proud and making the world a whole lot brighter,” Barrett concluded.

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