Mazza testimony underlines Ontario’s disregard for problems at Ornge

For Immediate Release
July 19, 2012

Queen’s Park – Haldimand-Norfolk MPP Toby Barrett says testimony from Dr. Christopher Mazza, former CEO of the scandal-plagued Ornge air ambulance service, spells the end of the line for Health Minister Deb Matthews pleas of ignorance.

“Dr. Mazza told us yesterday that not only were senior Liberal cabinet ministers “fully and regularly” briefed by officials at Ornge, but the Minister of Health refused outright a personal briefing from Mazza following questions asked by Opposition MPP Frank Klees in Question Period about Ornge,” said Barrett. “Mazza noted that the Minister had indicated she was “comfortable and confident” with Ornge’s direction, thereby making a briefing not necessary.”

Barrett serves as Vice-Chair of the Public Accounts Committee that is conducting the hearings. He indicated that, according to Mazza, at no point did the Liberal government or the Ministry of Health raise concerns about Ornge. Mazza stated that Ornge was fully compliant with the government’s will at all times.

“Dr. Mazza confirmed that this scandal touches the highest levels of leadership in the Liberal government,” said committee member, MPP Frank Klees. “It is absolutely undeniable that the Liberal leadership had full knowledge of what was transpiring at Ornge, including the corporate restructuring and Mazza’s salary.”

Mazza further reported on his several meetings with Premier McGuinty.

Premier McGuinty has repeatedly denied ever talking about Ornge with Mazza, stating, “The Ministers and the Premier, the government, supported me 100%.”


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