McGuinty silent on charges of meddling in Caledonia policing, leadership vacuum highlighted in Blatchford’s ‘Helpless”

For Immediate Release:
October 27, 2010

Queens Park – Dalton McGuinty and his Attorney General again did not answer for the lack of leadership on the four year Caledonia dispute.

Both the Premier and Attorney General Chris Bentley danced around questions from area MPP Toby Barrett following the release of the book, “Helpless”.

“Christie Blatchford’s new book charges that you abandoned the rule of law in Caledonia by favouring some citizens over others. While you said you don’t interfere with the police, she cites examples of political meddling by your office that has hamstrung police and put abstract ideology ahead of protecting victims,” Barrett noted. “What more evidence will it take for you to understand the impact that your failure of leadership has for Ontario families?”

Refusing to answer the question, McGuinty repeated his shell game of the day previous, shuffling the question to the Attorney General who chose to talk about, “working very hard with the Six Nations”

Undeterred, Barrett charged the Premier with: “Inaction on the blockading by militants of the new power corridor from Niagara to Caledonia – no wires have been installed, no electricity is flowing.”

“Promise after promise is broken, deadlines come and go, nothing happens and no one is accountable. Why does leadership mean breaking promises and breaking the law to Premier McGuinty?” Barrett reiterated.

Again the Attorney General fielded the question, stressing the importance of “understanding”, and “discussion”, while failing to address government lack of action to enforce the law.

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