Meet the new boss — same as the old boss: Barrett

January 29, 2013
Simcoe – While the faces may have changed at the top of Ontario’s governing party, the politics are the same according to Haldimand-Norfolk MPP Toby Barrett.

Far from a fresh start, Kathleen Wynne has promised to build on the legacy of Dalton McGuinty. Given her track record as Mr. McGuinty’s right hand, helping turn Ontario into a have-not province, her commitment to the McGuinty legacy hardly comes as a surprise.

“Hard to imagine how they could have chosen a leader more similar to scandal-plagued former premier McGuinty,” Barrett noted. “From giving big raises to government workers, to a jobs exodus and reckless overspending, Kathleen Wynne has the same record of failure.”

Barrett pointed out that Wynne sat at the cabinet table while her government simultaneously hiked taxes and wasted public funds. She also sat at the cabinet table during the cancellation of the Mississauga and Oakville power plants.

“With a $411.4 billion debt on the horizon and over half a million people out of work, we can’t afford more of the same,” Barrett said. “The last thing we need in Ontario a continuation of the Dalton McGuinty legacy.”

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