Meet the new boss, same as the old boss


PORT DOVER – ‘Meet the new boss, same as the old boss’ – this is the estimation of the Kathleen Wynne government by MPP Toby Barrett coming on the heels of 10 years of Dalton McGuinty rule.

“The most recent sign nothing has changed is Premier Wynne refused three times now to order political staff still on the payroll to account for their missing gas plant e-mail records,” the Haldimand-Norfolk MPP said. “It’s not the leadership we need. Ontario can do better, but it’s going to take a change in direction.”

Barrett stressed if a government is going to be on the side of taxpayers, it must be honest with the people who elected it and pay its bills. “But under Premier Wynne, nothing has changed. If you like what Dalton McGuinty did to Ontario, you’re in for more of it under Kathleen Wynne. Ontario needs change for the better, because ‘more of the same’ isn’t working.

“Meet the new boss, same as the old boss. The same faces, overspending, paying ransom to government worker unions – and the same habit of putting their political interests ahead of taxpayers.”

Barrett pointed to the more than $1 billion alone that was wasted to save some political seats in the gas plants scandal. He added that money has not been repaid by the Liberal party and is coming out of taxpayers’ pockets.

The Ontario PC Party has launched a television advertising campaign to provide the public with important information about Kathleen Wynne’s key role alongside Dalton McGuinty in the gas plant scandal. See Nothing Has Changed at


For more information contact MPP Toby Barrett At 519-428-0446 or 1-800-903-8629