Ontario can once again be a province with more jobs and better take-home pay

For Immediate Release August 20, 2013

Ottawa – With a government that lives within its means and a plan to grow the economy, Haldimand-Norfolk MPP Toby Barrett says Ontario can once again have more jobs and better take-home pay.

“Ontario must reduce the cost of doing business through lower taxes, affordable energy and less red tape,” Barrett said. “Every hour of every day, $2million is added to our province’s debt while 600,000 men and women are looking for a job – this is unacceptable and unsustainable.

If Ontario continues along this path, Barrett is worried that a Detroit bankruptcy is inevitable. In Detroit, taxpayers can’t even get basic public services such as working streetlights and police response. Further, government retirees will now receive only 10 cents for every dollar they were promised for a pension.

“We need urgent action in Ontario to get our fiscal house in order and ensure taxpayers go toward things people care about, like roads, highways, health and education,” Barrett said from the Association of Municipalities of Ontario annual conference in Ottawa. “There’s no doubt that government spending must be reined in and address the broken arbitration system that forces unaffordable contracts on municipal councils.”

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