Ontario’s back-to-work legislation protects electricity supply


QUEEN’S PARK—The Ontario government has introduced legislation to prevent large-scale power outages across Ontario by addressing the collective bargaining deadlock between Ontario Power Generation (OPG) and the Power Workers’ Union (PWU).

The proposed amendments to the Labour Relations Act, 1995 would prohibit and stop any strikes or lockouts between OPG and PWU for the current round of bargaining, and send all matters to a fair dispute resolution process. 

A work stoppage at OPG would significantly impact Ontario’s electricity supply. The Independent Electricity System Operator concluded Ontario would not have the electricity needed to meet consumer demand resulting in brownouts and blackouts across the province. Small businesses, hospitals, and seniors’ homes could see rolling blackouts. And many families would be without a safe power supply to heat their homes.  That is a risk government cannot take.


For more information, contact MPP Toby Barrett at 519-428-0446, 905-765-8413, 1-800-903-8629 or [email protected]

Quotes from Southwestern Ontario MPPs

MPP Toby Barrett, Haldimand-Norfolk:

“People need a stable power supply, especially during the cold winter months. This legislation will ensure the lights stay on, people stay warm, and business can continue.”

Minister of Transportation, MPP Hon. Jeff Yurek, Elgin-Middlesex-London:

“It is incredibly troubling to think that the NDP supports blackouts across the province over the holidays and winter months, and that vulnerable Ontarians would be placed at risk as a result. I am proud that our government is willing to do whatever it takes to prevent that from happening and ensure that people have the stable and reliable power supply that they deserve at a time when it is most needed.”

Minister of Agriculture, MPP Hon. Ernie Hardeman, Oxford:

“Our government came back to Toronto before the holidays to ensure the lights stayed on in Oxford County this Christmas. Our families, seniors and businesses deserve to know they will be warm this winter without worry.”

Minister of Infrastructure, MPP Hon. Monte McNaughton, Lambton-Kent-Middlesex:

“If the Power Workers Union strikes, our electricity supply over the holidays is at risk. Families, seniors, and businesses will suffer. The people of Ontario cannot afford to lose power. We won’t let that happen.”

MPP Bob Bailey, Sarnia-Lambton:

“A stable, reliable supply of power is critical for the people and businesses in Sarnia-Lambton.  Our local petrochemical and bio-refining industries would experience significant operational difficulties if the Opposition NDP get their wish. We can’t afford rolling blackouts blanketing the province.  Our government is taking decisive action to make sure that the people and businesses in Sarnia-Lambton have the power they need.”

MPP Will Bouma, Brantford-Brant:

“People across Ontario need and deserve a reliable power supply, especially over the winter months.  Right now, that’s at risk.”

MPP Rick Nicholls, Chatham-Kent-Leamington:

“Imagine not being able to use your vehicle in regions like Chatham-Kent and Essex because all gas stations require hydro to run their pumps. Rolling blackouts would be catastrophic to the transportation industry, people locally, and all Ontarians as well.”