Petitions continue in face of half-hearted tire-tax backtrack: Barrett


Simcoe – While rural outrage has pushed government to rethink its attempt to charge a 2,000 per cent eco tax increase on tractor tires, the amended tire tally continues to hit farmers according to Haldimand-Norfolk MPP Toby Barrett.

Barrett says petitions are continuing to circulate following in the two counties despite tinkering with its eco-tax funding formula to delay part of the massive new charges on tires.

“Whether it’s 2,000 per cent eco-tax increase on tires today, or 1,000 per cent increase now and another 1,000 per cent tacked onto the bill sometime next year – its still a cash-grab,” Barrett pointed out. “This is simply not acceptable to people in agriculture and construction.”

With the recent about-face, the eco-tax on a front combine tire which rose from $15.29 to $352.80 on April 1 will now be rolled back to $182.28 – which still represents an increase of nearly 1,100%.

“These guys just don’t get it,” noted Barrett. “First they think they can fund their recycling program on the backs of farmers, then they think they can trick farmers into believing they’re getting a break when in fact the true costs are only being delayed by a year.

“What they don’t understand – and what our petitions coming in from dealerships highlight – is that Haldimand and Norfolk residents see through this show and sham and aren’t prepared to bankroll the government’s tire recycling delusions,” Barrett concluded.

Barrett launched a petition last month, calling on government to stop its massive eco-tax increases. The petition followed Opposition plans last November to abolish the government’s toothless recycling watchdog, Waste Diversion Ontario, and eliminate the Liberals’ recycling programs for tires, electronics and household hazardous materials, such as paint and batteries.

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