Province allocating more than $500,000 for species at risk


PORT ROWAN – Haldimand-Norfolk MPP Toby Barrett was joined by conservation leaders to announce funding for the Species At Risk Stewardship Fund earlier today.

ALUS Canada will receive $385,200 to work with farmers and local community partners to create, enhance, restore and manage on-the-ground habitat conservation projects. ALUS Canada is a national charitable organization that promotes the concept farmers can use their land in an alternative way to produce ecosystem benefits that benefit Canadians.

Birds Canada, formerly known as Bird Studies Canada, will receive funding for two separate projects. There is $71,825 allotted to implement and evaluate habitat stewardship and mitigation techniques for at-risk insect-eating birds. The second project will implement innovative approaches to increase stewardship and improve conservation for Southwestern Ontario’s most at-risk bird and trees species and the forest ecosystems on which they depend. A maximum of $62,900 was allocated to this project.

“The north shore of Lake Erie is prevalent with for at-risk species,” said Haldimand-Norfolk MPP Toby Barrett. “It is appropriate that more than a half-million dollars is being allocated to this area through the Species At Risk Stewardship Fund.

“We are pleased to receive this important support that recognizes the important role that farmers are able to provide in creating, managing and maintaining habitat important for species in Ontario,” said Bryan Gilvesy, CEO of ALUS Canada.

“Southern Ontario is home to some of the greatest diversity of birds and other wildlife in Canada,” said Steven Price, president of Birds Canada. “These provincial funds help us advise and encourage landowners who are keen to conserve their valuable forests, wetlands and grasslands.”

The Ontario Species at Risk Stewardship Fund was created under the provincial Endangered Species Act as a way to proactively and collaboratively protect and recover Ontario’s species at risk. The fund provides support to communities, organizations, landowners, Aboriginal communities/groups, industry and academics across Ontario to implement on the ground activities that benefit species at risk and their habitats.


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