Remains unknown where NAFTA talking going: Barrett



QUEEN’S PARK – Haldimand-Norfolk MPP and Opposition Ag Critic MPP Toby Barrett went to bat for agri-business during a speech on the Premier’s Award for Agri-Food Innovation Excellence.

“It’s a very important ceremony to pay tribute and to recognize those farmers who are out there at the forefront,” Barrett said, paying tribute to local sheep farmer Carrie Woolley.

Barrett expanded on the remarks at the ceremony that emphasized NAFTA was important to the agriculture community.

“President Trump has repeatedly stated he would tear up NAFTA,” Barrett said in the Legislature. “Now such a move would require a sign-off from Congress. However, the president can unilaterally sign executive orders regarding tariffs.”

Barrett pointed out the United States is Ontario’s primary destination for international merchandise exports, representing over 80 per cent.

“As well, no other country buys more goods and services that are made in the USA than does Canada, to the tune of something like $322 billion a year,” he said.

“Factories and the farms in both countries are linked through just-in-time supply chains that crisscross the border,” Barrett explained. “Investment, productivity and competitiveness in both countries are by and large supported by harmonized regulation and common rules.”

NAFTA negotiations started Aug. 16.

“It remains unknown where we’re going,” Barrett said. I hope it’s really a modernization of the agreement, essentially moving free trade to a system of fair trade.”


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