Should we have the right to recall our politicians? Ontario PC Government Will Introduce Democratic Reforms

For Immediate Release:
June 21, 2010

Simcoe – MPP Toby Barrett is joining fellow Ontario PC members to recall efforts towards democratic reform in Ontario.

Six years ago, Barrett introduced ‘recall’ legislation to allow elected representatives to be voted out of office through referendum.

Today, Ontario PC Leader Tim Hudak appointed Leeds-Grenville MPP Steve Clark as the Ontario PC Caucus Critic for Democratic Reform. In his new role, Clark will engage in a broad-based consultation with Ontario families about potential democratic reforms such as referenda, recall and other citizen initiatives. Clark will study best practices in other jurisdictions in Canada and around the world, including travelling to B.C. to investigate the tools being used by HST opponents in that province.

“I introduced ‘recall’ legislation to enshrine the right to retain or remove elected representatives at times other than election day,” Barrett noted. “At the time I introduced my private members bill to help address McGuinty government action in denying public outcry over increased taxes he promised not to bring in. Six years after the health tax, the HST heist will cost all of us on July First.”

Barrett notes that by ensuring electors have power today – and everyday – rather than only when government deigns to call an election, ‘recall’ enhances the dialogue between electors and representatives that is key to our democratic process.

“At the time I was made to feel about as popular at a snake at a garden party – government’s majority voted down the bill in short order,” Barrett said. “I look forward to joining MPP Clark, Tim Hudak and Ontario PC’s across the province to again further the push for real democratic reform.”

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