It is time for a public sector wage freeze: Barrett

Jan. 20, 2012

Brantford –MPP Toby Barrett has joined Opposition Leader Tim Hudak in calling for a public sector wage freeze to help level the playing field between union and non-union employees.

An immediate public sector wage freeze would save Ontario taxpayers $2 billion just as Dalton McGuinty has racked up more than $2.5 billion in new spending commitments, Barrett said.

“At a time when 560,000 Ontarians are out of work, it’s only fair for public sector workers to share in the sacrifices their private sector colleagues are already making,” Hudak stated.

Barrett cited Ministry of Finance figures showing that more than $50 billion of all government program expenses goes to compensation. Further, according to an analysis by the Canadian Federation of Independent Business, public sector employees are paid between eight and 17 per cent more than similarly employed individuals in the private sector.

“Add in all other benefits, such as pensions, and government workers receive up to 27 per cent higher than those working in the private sector,” Barrett added.

At the same time, Barrett pointed to the discrepancy between union and non-union wages in government. “It’s all about fairness,” he said. “Non-union people seem to be subject to the McGuinty wage freeze and union people are not. For years and years, we’ve been striving to meet pay equity requirements with respect to gender, why is this discrepancy between union and non-union pay tolerated.”


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