Ontario is celebrating its 225th anniversary in 2017. This trivia contest tests your knowledge on a wide diversity of Ontario topics that were covered in MPP Toby Barrett’s columns this year. Prizes include lunch with MPP Barrett, an Ontario flag and a selection of books. A draw will take place if more than one person has all the answers correct.

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1) What is the origin of the song Ontario:
2) Which Canadian prime minister was also the premier of Canada West (Ontario)?
3) Who was the first lieutenant-governor of Upper Canada?
4) This town is the home to Peter Robertson, who invented the screwdriver that carries his name.
5) When were the first taxes proposed on wines and spirits in Ontario?
6) Who chose the common loon as Ontario’s official bird in 1994?
7) What community held the first meeting of what is now the Ontario Legislature?
8) What does the motto on the Coat of Arms “Loyal she began, loyal she remains” refer to?
9) Which Lt. Governor’s spouse was from Simcoe?
10) This is Ontario’s official stone:
11) Francis Gore was:
12) What is Ontario’s official tree?
13) Sir Isaac Brock died during a battle in the War of 1812 near this town:
14) The present Lieutenant Governor was appointed by:
15) Who was the first female vice-regal representative in the British Commonwealth?
16) Originally known as Upper and Lower Canada, what other names were Ontario and Quebec known by?
17) What does the A stand for in John A. MacDonald’s name?
18) What is another name for Ontario’s flag?
19) Which former lieutenant governor recommissioned the Queen’s Rangers, and blazed the trail for Yonge Street?
20) Who is the present lieutenant-governor?

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