Where’s the austerity? MPP Barrett questions McGuinty half-baked attempts at belt-tightening

QUEEN’S PARK — Staring down the barrel of a forecasted $30.2 billion deficit, with the economic future of the province at stake, we expected more than deferred spending and pension tweaks.

That from Haldimand-Norfolk MPP Toby Barrett, following an Ontario budget that he says fails to address the jobs and spending crisis created by the McGuinty government.

“Where’s the public sector wage freeze, where is the apprenticeship reform, where’s the austerity?” questioned Barrett. “Mr. McGuinty’s Drummond report contained 362 recommendations for cost cutting to get our forecasted deficit and debt under control, and yet the government continues to overspend.

“Currently, the Liberals spend $1.8 million more an hour than they bring in – this is clearly not sustainable”

Barrett went on to highlight the fact that higher debt – forecast to climb to $411.4 billion – beget a slower economy.

“The link between debt and economic growth is obvious,” Barrett noted. “Businesses know that governments with high debt loads cannot afford lower taxes or the best infrastructure – two basic attractions for investment and job creation.”

“Get your house in order and the jobs will come – unfortunately this house, our house, is in complete disarray.”

Instead of serious cost-cutting and getting to work on Don Drummond and Opposition proposals for significant savings, the budget indicates the McGuinty Government is prepared to continue in the opposite direction.

“Basically McGuinty’s announced about $4.5 billion in new spending. And no public sector wage freeze – how are they going to balance the books?” questioned Barrett. “Quite simply, everyone understands we can’t spend our way out of debt – if Mr. McGuinty doesn’t understand that, perhaps it’s time for someone else who does.”

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