Wynne’s Throne Speech too little, too late


September 12, 2016


QUEEN’S PARKIn an attempt to hit “reset” on her government’s record, Ontario Premier Kathleen Wynne today offered up a package of electricity rebates.

“In typical style, the Premier has chosen to remedy 13 years of failed decision-making with a Throne Speech that makes for soundbites,” said Haldimand-Norfolk MPP Toby Barrett. “It’s about time this government admitted that life is harder and more unaffordable due to the province’s energy crisis; however, long-term treatment is needed, not bandaids.”

Barrett went on to say the government, if serious about tackling the energy issue, would immediately stop any further sales of Hydro One, and stop signing contracts for energy we don’t need. This would ensure the cost of electricity would not continue to climb. Rebates do nothing to stop rates from climbing and, the question remains, who funds the rebates?

“Proroguing the Ontario Legislature was a knee-jerk response to losing a seat in Scarborough-Rouge-River a few weeks ago and now we see knee-jerk policy instead of a long-term plan or solution,” Barrett continued. “The only reason the Premier has now acknowledged electricity rates as a real problem facing the people of Ontario is because it is beginning to affect her Party.”

The Official Opposition is welcome and open to any hydro relief but fears Wynne’s announcements today are simply too little, too late. Families, farmers and businesses have been struggling for more than a decade due to mismanagement – a small rebate will do nothing to pull them up and out of the hole.

The Throne Speech also addressed education issues. Wynne was to be Ontario’s education Premier but has gotten a failing grade as she’s disappointed students, teachers and parents.

“We’ve been hammering the government on the notion Ontario students need to know basic math skills but it’s fallen on deaf ears,” Barrett said. “The Premier can’t continue to ignore the fact half of all Grade 6 students failed to meet the provincial math standard this year. In fact, over the past five years provincial scores have been on a steady decline.”

While the Wynne government feels they’ve hit the reset button and everything has been rebooted, the proof of the pudding will be in the eating.

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