Parading toward Christmas in Haldimand-Norfolk

By MPP Toby Barrett By the time this column goes to print, Santa and his nine tiny reindeer will have left the local parade circuit for the North Pole. Given the jam-packed schedule of float-filled events and photo-ops across our two counties the jolly red-elf will have his work cut out for him readying for … Continue reading “Parading toward Christmas in Haldimand-Norfolk”

Ontario relegated to “negative” credit watch

For immediate release: December 16, 2011 BRANTFORD — MPP Toby Barrett says it’s time the Ontario government took action on its negative credit rating by Moody’s Investor Services. Yesterday, Moody’s warned that Ontario’s credit rating could be downgraded unless it takes serious steps to deal with the mounting deficit in its next budget. Downgrading the … Continue reading “Ontario relegated to “negative” credit watch”

Lack of COMSOC oversight means more wasted tax dollars… …and less for program spending – MPP Barrett

… FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE December 6, 2011 QUEEN’S PARK — Ministry of Community and Social Services Critic Toby Barrett is concerned with the Auditor General’s finding that the Ministry continues to allow supportive services agencies to operate without adequate oversight. “Many of the concerns…of this program 15 years ago have still not been satisfactorily addressed,” … Continue reading “Lack of COMSOC oversight means more wasted tax dollars… …and less for program spending – MPP Barrett”

Auditor General exposes folly of Green Energy Act

By MPP Toby Barrett Ontario’s Auditor General has now verified that the McGuinty green energy dream has turned into a nightmare. As local people continue to sign petitions, attend meetings, and contact their representatives regarding the planned arrival of hundreds of wind turbines, the release of the 2011 Auditor General’s annual report provides a scathing … Continue reading “Auditor General exposes folly of Green Energy Act”

Industrial wind turbines require local decisions

By MPP Toby Barrett People from all corners of Ontario descended on Queens Park last week demanding local municipal decision-making power be reinstated with respect to industrial wind turbines. While municipalities and residents have their say on, for example, where a new Tim Hortons or Walmart is located, Mr. McGuinty continues to allow faceless unelected … Continue reading “Industrial wind turbines require local decisions”

Farming, environment, wildlife lowest priority for Ontario, MPP Barrett underlines Environmental Commissioner concerns

… FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE December 1, 2011 QUEEN’S PARK — Haldimand-Norfolk MPP Toby Barrett says the lack of government commitment to environmental, agricultural and wildlife concerns highlights the McGuinty government’s ongoing indifference to rural values. Barrett spoke following the release of the Environmental Commissioner’s report indicating the Ministries of Environment and Natural Resources, “can’t handle … Continue reading “Farming, environment, wildlife lowest priority for Ontario, MPP Barrett underlines Environmental Commissioner concerns”

“Another day older and deeper in debt”–Merle Travis

“We will bring a laser-like focus to standing up for private sector job creation…” – Tim Hudak By MPP Toby Barrett One week into the new political landscape at Queens Park, and the direction of the McGuinty minority looks a lot like the same binge spending, debt-doubling path of the old McGuinty majority. Both government … Continue reading ““Another day older and deeper in debt”–Merle Travis”

Wind turbine petitions dominate Legislature

For immediate release: November 29, 2011 QUEEN’S PARK — For the past week, anti-wind turbine petitions have been blowing into the Ontario Legislature from much of rural Ontario. Haldimand-Norfolk MPP Toby has been rising in the House to read in petitions on behalf of the Port Ryerse area. Signatures sent in to Barrett request as … Continue reading “Wind turbine petitions dominate Legislature”

“Anybody can lock up a school – get innovative”

By MPP Toby Barrett “For rural kids, few things are more important than being able to go to school in your own community, with your own friends.Rural schools help keep communities strong, which is why we’re not only committed to keeping them open – but strengthening them.” – Premier Dalton McGuinty If there’s anything that … Continue reading ““Anybody can lock up a school – get innovative””