It’s been a 27-year adventure


HALDIMAND-NORFOLK – For 27 years, it has been an honour to serve my province and to serve the people I represent as the Ontario elected representative for Haldimand-Norfolk, and previously parts of Oxford and Brant. The past 27 years have been a bit of an adventure, to say the least.

I will not be running in the coming election knowing that my capable staff and I, over those 27 years, have helped a very large number of people.

I continue to be forever grateful to the great people of our area who put their trust in me over seven elections. I find the work quite rewarding and truly value the open market for ideas and information all the while solving problems and seizing opportunities.

As an elected representative, I am known as a riding man and, for me, the people that I have had the privilege of representing have always come first . . . regardless of their ideology or political affiliation. What remains uppermost in importance is that we continue to fight for our small town and rural way of life in a democratic society where freedom prevails and justice rules.

My tenure has not been without controversy and disagreement . . .with a fair share of comment on mainstream and social media, coupled with a healthy dose of protest at both Simcoe and Queen’s Park. Being a fiscal conservative, regardless of which party was in power, I consistently fought red tape, objected to waste, foolish spending and borrowing that jacked up Ontario deficits and debt. Outside the riding, I have also consistently been at odds with decision makers on tobacco farmer policy, the 16-year Caledonia debacle and, more recently, my opposition to a city of 40,000 people in the Nanticoke Industrial Park.

Importantly, I am indebted to my staff, their loyalty and hard work over the years for the people we serve in my local and Toronto offices. Bobbi-Ann Brady, my Executive Assistant of 23 years, is reflective of this and she’s a very large part of how we run our operation.  

I am proud of my 27 years and I am truly grateful to my constituents.


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