Eco fees are taxation without representation

By MPP Toby Barrett ‘No taxation without representation’ was the call in 1773 when revolutionaries hosted the Boston Tea Party to protest taxes by unaccountable government. Some 230 years later, on this side of the border, consumers bushwacked by eco fees are asking where was the legislative debate, and is this legal? As government damage … Continue reading “Eco fees are taxation without representation”

Gas tax in rural Ontario pays for urban transit

By MPP Toby Barrett In rural Ontario, we can’t go anywhere without getting into a vehicle. And we pay provincial taxes every time we fill up the tank – a portion of which is used to support public transit. As we know, there’s no public transit in Norfolk County or Haldimand County. All municipalities should … Continue reading “Gas tax in rural Ontario pays for urban transit”

Should we have the right to recall politicians?

By MPP Toby Barrett On March 22nd 2004, I introduced The Recall Act, 2004, to enshrine a right for people to retain or remove elected representatives at times other than election day. During debate, I felt I was about as popular as a snake at a garden party as this present government used its majority … Continue reading “Should we have the right to recall politicians?”

Taxpayers being played by OLG spending

By MPP Toby Barrett Just as the Ontario Legislature rose for the summer, Jim McCarter, the province’s Auditor General, released a special report into the expense practices of Ontario Lottery and Gaming (OLG) employees. The findings of this report exemplify this current government’s inability to control runaway spending. Finance Minister Dwight Duncan was shamed into … Continue reading “Taxpayers being played by OLG spending”

HST is one in a long line of taxes

By MPP Toby Barrett June 1st marked the start to Seniors Month in Ontario and ironically it also marked the one-month countdown to the implementation of Mr. McGuinty’s HST tax grab that will punish everyone, including vulnerable seniors already struggling to make ends meet. The HST is a tax on seniors and every other Ontarian. … Continue reading “HST is one in a long line of taxes”

Recycled electronics are ending up in dumps

By MPP Toby Barrett This past week I had an opportunity to address the abysmal failure of the Ontario government’s waste electronics and electrical equipment program – the latest evidence of unmet expectations with respect to waste diversion in the province. Back in 2002, the former government passed the Waste Diversion Act, “to promote the … Continue reading “Recycled electronics are ending up in dumps”

All talk, little action on climate change

By MPP Toby Barrett This past month, instead of looking at ways we can kick-start the provincial economy we were forced to discuss McGuinty plans for sex-education, cuts to front line health care and pharmacies, and this government’s favourite headline diverter – climate change. Specifically, we waded into debate when Liberal MPP Phil McNeely reintroduced … Continue reading “All talk, little action on climate change”

Will pharmacies go the way of the corner store?

By MPP Toby Barrett In spite of what many perceive as a massive intervention by government into the private sector, Mr. McGuinty in a Toronto Star article states, “Our principle responsibility in government is not really to ensure there is any particular kind of pharmacy industry in place…” However, the draconian elimination of rebates – … Continue reading “Will pharmacies go the way of the corner store?”

It is worrisome what is not addressed in budget

By MPP Toby Barrett Now that we have discovered the current government will double Ontario’s debt by fiscal year 2012-13, we must seriously consider a number of remedies. We must make government smaller, end deficit spending and balance the budget and, when we are done, produce a government that is effective in performing its key … Continue reading “It is worrisome what is not addressed in budget”

Can Government spend its way out of a recession?

By MPP Toby Barrett This year’s budget indicates the McGuinty government has increased spending 70 per cent since taking office. Expenditures for fiscal year 2010-11 will come in at a whopping $125.9 billion. Those numbers tell a tale – a tale of a government that has maxed out its credit card and is forwarding the … Continue reading “Can Government spend its way out of a recession?”