Barrett calls on finance minister to balance budget



QUEEN’S PARK – In the wake of the government Throne Speech that announced a coming budget deficit, Haldimand-Norfolk MPP Toby Barrett called on the Ontario government to balance the books.

Prior to the Throne Speech that promised new spending and a deficit, the government said the budget would be balanced.

“The finance minister broke his promise to balance the budget,” Barrett said. “The government also broke its promise to reduce auto insurance rates by 15 per cent. Nothing was said about the fire sale of Hydro One or the cap-and-trade cash grab.”

Barrett pointed out Ontario is the most indebted province or state in the world. He pointed to the billions of tax dollars wasted on political self-interests like eHealth and the gas plant scandal as examples of the frivolous spending taxpayers are paying for.

The Haldimand-Norfolk MPP wants to see the following in the budget:

  1. A real plan to balance the budget immediately.
  2. A commitment to reduce hydro rates by an additional 12 per cent.
  3. Additional commitments on long-term care, mental health and addictions to take pressure off hospitals.
  4. Scrap the cap-and-trade tax and include a plan in the budget to bring jobs to Ontario.
  5. Tax relief for Ontario families.

“Let’s put money back into the people’s pockets and start respecting the taxpayer,” Barrett said.


For more information, contact MPP Toby Barrett at 519-428-0446 or