Barrett pleased with funding flowing into Great Lakes


QUEEN’S PARK –During Question Period last week, MPP Toby Barrett asked Jeff Yurek, Minister of the Environment, Conservation and Parks, to discuss the ways the Ontario government is protecting and restoring North America’s Great Lakes as they face pollutants, excess nutrients and invasive species.

“I was pleased with Minister Yurek’s responses to my questions regarding the actions he, and our government, is taking to protect and restore our precious Great Lakes,” said Barrett.  “I’m particularly happy to see the level of funding flowing into the initiatives.” 

Minister Yurek reiterated the commitment of the government’s Made-in-Ontario Environment Plan to protect and restore Great Lakes water quality.  

The Ontario government is funding approximately $5.8 million this year to support more than 65 projects run by local communities, academics, Indigenous communities and various organizations across Ontario that focus on improving water quality. It also investing up to $1.67 million for the new Great Lakes Local Action Fund. This will provide up to $50,000 for projects led by local groups to protect and restore coastal shorelines and near-shore areas of the Great Lakes and the rivers and streams that feed into them.

MPP Barrett looks forward to the results of these initiatives as the Great Lakes are critical to both our economy and natural habitat. The Great Lakes attract millions of residents and visitors every year; they also provide safe drinking water for over 70% of the people in Ontario. Their watersheds support 4,000 species of fish, birds and other living things. 



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