What happened to McGuinty water bill? Government grabs headlines and heads for the door

For Immediate Release:
June 4, 2010

Queens Park – It’s the same old story for this government – garner the green headlines and run for the nearest door.

That from Opposition Environment Critic Toby Barrett who notes that after much fanfare in the Throne Speech and the Budget, and the introduction of the Water Opportunities Act to coincide with Walkerton’s 10th anniversary, government has walked away without debate – leaving for the summer and providing no opportunity for public input.

Barrett questioned whether the ‘shout and run’ attempt by government has to do with the fact that people are questioning the potential for McGuinty water taxes to be brought forward on the heels of the HST July 1st.

“What will McGuinty’s water bill add up to? We know that former health minister Caplan’s water and sewer private member’s bill would add something like an additional $600 a year on the bill,” Barrett reported to the Ontario Legislature. “Meantime the Environment Minister is musing about carbon and road taxes – no wonder they’re running for the exits.”

Barrett continued to acknowledge that while clean water is a key priority for all, there are legislative and regulatory systems already in place to serve many of the priorities announced in the Water Opportunities Act.
“There’s no debate that clean water is essential to the health and success of a thriving and prosperous Ontario,” Barrett acknowledged. “For these reasons our former government committed to enacting water legislation, regulation, the recommendations of O’Connor-the commitment to the centre of excellence in Walkerton – We put forward the Sustainable Water and Sewage Systems Act and the Safe Drinking Water Act some eight years before this bill.”

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