Legislature lowers flag in support of Ukraine

Feb. 21, 2014

Recently the Ontario Legislature witnessed a special debate with respect to the violence in the Ukrainian city of Kiev.

On behalf of the PC caucus, MPP Christine Elliott asked the flag at Queen’s Park be lowered in memory of the murdered innocent young activists, to recognize an official day of mourning. “It’s time for the people of Ukraine to have what so many of their relatives have found here in Ontario: peace, security, freedom and a future that they decide for themselves,” she said.

Ontario and Haldimand-Norfolk are diverse, and include a strong and vibrant Ukrainian community, a community that has a presence locally in our Waterford area.

“When events such as these occur, they impact all of us,” said MPP Donna Cansfield during debate. “But it’s also an opportunity for us to reflect on the state of our own democracy and how blessed we truly are to live in Ontario and in Canada, a place where we have the privilege to sit in this House and to debate our different political views peacefully, respectfully and without fear of repercussions.”

In December, Ontario Opposition leader Tim Hudak joined thousands of Ukrainian Canadians as they protested the violence with a rally in Dundas Square.



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