Opposition details ‘laundry’ list of government gaffes 30 government MPP’s MIA in Legislature

For Immediate Release:
September 27, 2010

Queens Park –MPP Toby Barrett echoed the concerns of Opposition Leader Tim Hudak regarding the skyrocketing cost of tax grabs and pricey pet programs at Queens Park this morning.

“This government implemented the largest tax increase in the history of Ontario, scrapped property tax cuts for seniors, and cancelled income tax cuts for families,” Barrett reported after question period. “This summer saw extra school fees, insurance premium hikes, eco fees and the largest sales tax increase in the history of Ontario.”

A middle class family pays up to $900 more for the so-called health tax and $1,000 a year more for the HST. Increasing electricity rates add $732 a year.

During a session in which 30 government members were MIA, Tim Hudak pointed out smart meters smack of nanny statism, stating: “This sense of superiority was on full display during his [McGuinty’s] Marie Antoinette moment, when he declared to the common folk that Saturday will be laundry day.”

“Not everyone has the ability to shift their energy use to times when government deems they should – I think of shift-workers, seniors and farmers,” Barrett pointed out. “It’s time to take a page out of the previous government’s book when we cut 227 taxes and created a million new jobs.”

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