Wind towers pit neighbour against neighbour – we need municipal oversight

For Immediate Release:
February 24, 2011

QUEEN’S PARK – MPP Toby Barrett again joins Opposition Leader Tim Hudak to demand a moratorium on wind power until local decision making powers are restored.

“With something like 200 wind towers coming to southern Haldimand County it’s crucial that all of us, through our elected representatives, be part of the decision making process – that’s why we will restore municipal decision making power on this issue if we form government,” asserted Barrett. “It’s unconscionable for this government to pit neighbour against neighbour.”

In April 2010, almost a year ago, the Ontario PCs brought forward a motion and called on Dalton McGuinty to stop these industrial wind farms until municipal powers are restored. But the government majority voted against it and continued to let Toronto bureaucrats force wind farms into areas where they are not wanted.

“Only when the Energy Minister himself faced growing local opposition did the government backtrack on their off-shore wind farms. Now, Dalton McGuinty is further dividing Ontario with his expensive energy experiments – offshore vs. landbased, rural vs. urban, local decision makers vs. Toronto bureaucrats,” Opposition Leader Tim Hudak remarked.

Barrett went on to note the inconsistency of a government that allows municipalities and local families their say on where a new Tim Horton’s or Walmart is located, but denies their input and lets Toronto bureaucrats decide where industrial wind farms will be located.

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